What makes us and working with us special?

It is the people. And the willingness to change in order to achieve the best.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- leading, pioneer

Change. Progress. Market.

The markets and sectors we work for are characterised by rapid change. We face this change together with our customers - our partners - and our team of engineers, mechanical engineers, technicians, process specialists, material experts and innovators.

Our common drive? To develop the best solution for any requirement. As a relevant system partner to the industry, we have always had a fine instinct for pioneering innovations.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Change, problem solving
RUCH NOVAPLAST- Responsibility, people


As a regionally anchored and plastics-producing company, we bear a special responsibility for our region and its people. We are firmly convinced that we can only leave a planet worth living on to future generations if we do our utmost today.

That is why sustainable, long-term corporate governance and market-leading products and solutions are not things that are mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary, for us they must be inseparably united, for the benefit of our society and our planet.


In dealing with resources and people. In order to give our ethical and social principles a written form and communicate them to others, we made the voluntary and self-obligating decision to join the Code of Conduct of the GKV (General Association of the Plastics Processing Industry).

You can download the certificate here.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Respect, people, production
RUCH NOVAPLAST- Team, Together, People

Team spirit

What counts are the people. We are as good as each of our employees.

Each of us is a part of the whole, because we can only accomplish great things and create the best added value for our customers in a team. We continue to expand our knowledge, move forward and never stand still. Fairness, honesty and trusting interaction are generally valid and natural values for all of us.

Openness and diversity

Diversity enhances our world and our social interaction. Open interaction and a working environment in which each of our employees feels welcome, respected, supported and valued are among our paramount concerns.

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Trainees, openness, people
  • Technologically leading moulded parts.

  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Fastening, Camloc, screw connection
  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Competencies, Business Development, Meetings
  • RUCH NOVAPLAST- Competencies, Business Development, Meetings

    Competent engineers, experts and innovators.