Training, study & internship

At RUCH NOVAPLAST, we offer an interesting and varied training schedule within the company for all training professions, leading through many processes. In each process there is a process trainer who intensively supports the apprentice.
Cross-professional apprentice meetings, workshops and projects are staged regularly at RUCH NOVAPLAST. We also enable attendance at external courses and in-house training sessions. It is also important to us that the necessary level of fun and enjoyment are not overlooked.

Our aim is to be able to integrate well-trained and enthusiastic professionals after the end of their apprenticeship.

What we offer

Overview of apprenticeships, dual study programmes & internships

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Industrial mechanic, metalworking shop

Industrial mechanic (m/f/d)

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Machine and Plant Operator, Production

Machine & plant operator (m/f/d)

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Process mechanic

Process mechanic (m/f/d)

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Mechatronics technician

Mechatronics technician (m/f/d)

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Warehouse logistics, buffer areas, warehouse management

Specialist for warehouse logistics (m/f/d)

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Industrial clerk

Industrial clerk (m/f/d)

RUCH NOVAPLAST- DH Mechanical engineering, tools

Dual study programme Mechanical Engineering (m/f/d)

RUCH NOVAPLAST- DH Industrial Engineer

Dual study programme Industrial Engineer (m/f/d)

RUCH NOVAPLAST- Training workshop, trainees, trainers, internship


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